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In 2014, Denison ISD opened an incredible new award winning Denison High School on 130 acres of beautiful of beautiful rolling hills and trees, quickly gaining state-wide acclaim as one of the most architecturally and aesthetically beautiful schools in Texas. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to put it on your bucket list! It is truly AMAZING.


THE PROBLEM: Unfortunately, a very plain, static billboard, located on the northwest Highway 75 frontage area of the property, currently welcomes families and visitors to our beautiful new DHS - but it is sorely outdated, weathered and in need of replacement.

THE PROPOSAL: Enlist the support and resources from devoted and beloved Denison Alumni, friends, supporters and families to replace the weather beaten sign with a state-of-the-art digital billboard that is reflective of the high quality of the beautiful new DHS complex and the academic excellence that continues to grow and flourish inside its buildings--and that will continuously broadcast our schools' and kids' amazing accomplishments, honors, upcoming special events, feature videos, etc. The possibilities are endless and exciting!

THE SOLUTION: An honorary/ memorial brick fundraiser project, sponsored and spearheaded by a partnership between our DHS Alumni Association and Ricky Bates (co-owner of The Sign Machine in Denison, and a DHS graduate from the class of 1976 -- to design, build and install the new LED digital billboard AT THEIR COST-to include a beautifully-designed brick "Yellow Jacket Wall of Honor'' comprised of bricks sold through the fundraiser! There will also be a 50' tall flag pole flying the American flag directly behind the sign that will also be incorporated into the honorary/memorial brick wall.

THE DETAILS: Ricky's estimated tum-key, at cost price of all-digital, full size 8mm SMD LED billboard technology, including extra parts, is only $62,962. Cost of bricks will be $60 for a one name brick, $100 for a two-name brick (savings of $20), and $150 for a brick with three names on it (savings of $30), knowing that some buyers may want to make it a "family brick"! Three names will be the maximum allowed on a single brick. 

REASONS TO GIVE: Because we are all very proud Denison Alumni and citizens who-in grand Denison tradition - want to give back to the Denison schools and community that laid the excellent foundation for many successes and blessings we each enjoy today. For more than a half century, we have lived by two mantras that have become reflective of the unique spirit that makes our Denison schools, community and people stand out among the masses: IT'S GREAT TO BE A YELLOW JACKET" .... and, more recently, "WE ARE DENISON!" These inspirational and meaningful words are why we'll buy our bricks, honor our loved one, and accomplish yet another great achievement that is reflective of who we are: the best school district and community in Texas!

IT'S SUPER EASY TO PURCHASE YOUR BRICK(S) TODAY: Simply fill out the form below, click "SUBMIT", and continue to online payment. Once payments are made and the form filled out we will start the design of your brick and send an email to you for final approval. If you do not wish to pay online, simply print and complete the form and mail it today to Denison Alumni Association c/o Denison Education Foundation, 1201 S. Rusk Avenue, Denison, Texas. 75020.


Existing structure

Proposed structure

Proposed structure with flag

Proposed structure at night



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